Our Products

LaKeel DX


Digitizes the enterprise and effectuates strategic IT. Accelerates business with smooth migration of legacy systems to modern architecture.Product Site

LaKeel HR

Human Resources Software

This is an HR core business system based on the concept of supporting the execution of HR strategies. It provides a wide range of management functions, such as business process management to prevent job gentrification, HR data analysis, and automation of next actions. Product Site

LaKeel BI

Business Inteligence

An all-in-one self service-service BI tool. Utilizes cloud technology for effective data analysis with support from abundant templates and analysts.Product Site

LaKeel Data Insight

Enterprise Data Management

Accomplishes integrated management of Data Lake, Data Warehouse and Data Mart.Smoothly connects to the decision making , one step ahead of visualizing and analyzing. Product Site

LaKeel Online Media Service

Video distribution

A video distribution system of short movies. Contents for businesses include occupational health and safety, food safety. Product Site

LaKeel Messenger

Enterprise messaging/ Chatbot

A messaging tool that facilitates secure communication within the enterprise. Connecting its chat bot with legacy systems enables further increase in productivity. Product Site

LaKeel eDocument

Electronic Books Preservation software

This service digitizes paper-based vouchers such as account books, contracts, and quotations, and stores them in cloud storage in compliance with the Electronic Books Preservation Act.Product Site

LaKeel Workflow

Workflow Application

The system allows you to build an electronic application and approval system that is necessary for all companies. The system makes it extremely easy to create an electronic application/approval system and get it up and running quickly.Product Site

LaKeel Passport

ID management platform

Provides integration with external systems, single sign-on with existing systems, and multi-factor and multi-step authentication functions for centralized management of user IDs, strengthening and unifying security levels.Product Site

LaKeel Process Manager

Business Process management platform

Visualize business flow and manage business functions across multiple systems as a single process. Users can execute each business function without being aware of individual systems.Product Site

LaKeel Survey

employee survey tools

Create and collect questionnaires, and visualize the collected results in graphs. Provides a function to notify managers of abnormal values based on threshold values set for each questionnaire and trends in the results of repeated questionnaires.

LaKeel Commerce


Enhances sales with the real-time policy execution, and optimizes inventory with the integration of multi-channel inventory information.

LaKeel My Number

Individual Number ”My Number" platform

From registration of one's own number to output of legal reports, the system can safely manage one's own number for employees and their family members in a lump sum.

LaKeel Stress Check

Stress check tool for enterprise

In compliance with the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's "Occupational Stress Check Questionnaire," the Web system provides stress check responses, results confirmation, consent to provide information to the company, application for interview guidance, and various analysis forms.